HDT Lubrication Technology is an exclusive partner of the Roegiers family lubricant companies, which has been manufacturing high lubricity lubricants since 1919 and was originally founded as Huileries Roegiers in Ghent, Belgium.

The family’s third generation, Mr Michel Roegiers, Chemical Engineer Ir. (UCL – Belgium, IFP – France, APEO – Canada), further expanded the family business into the Asian Market by opening a plant in Suzhou – China under the name of Micros Lubrication Technology.

Following his success in China and due to increasing demand from the African continent, a new production plant has been started in South Africa under the name HDT Lubrication Technology (Pty) Ltd to produce Microil lubricants and develop specialty lubricants to meet industry needs for the African market.

Mr Roegiers is a founder of the European section of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) in Brussels and remains an active member of various professional associations.